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Best Project Contest
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Thank you for all the submitted entries. Below are the results of the competition:

ARCHITECTURE - Realisation

I Place - and the prize of 2500 € goes to:

Biuro Projektów Lewicki Łatak

for the realisation: "Cracovia 1906 Hall, Center for Disabled Sports"

The prize was awarded for mastery and creative use of potential of the LUG lighting, which was perfectly incorporated into the industrial character of the hall, while the illumination emphasized specific textures of the materials used and the extended geometry of the facility.

II Place - and the prize of 1200 € is given to:

VALVO LTD. Design office

for the illumination of POLANOK Castle in Mukaczew (Zakarpattia, Ukraine)

The prize was awarded for "sculpturing" the light of the monumental and extensive castle assumption by means of varied in color flood lighting. The illumination of the castle underlines the importance of the object and makes it interesting and picturesque, and visible from a distance at the same time.

III Place - and the prize of 800 € goes to:

Unihouse branch Unibep S.A

for the realisation of the Kaldnes residential complex in Tønsberg (Norway)

The award was given for emphasizing with the subtle light of the entrance zones and the common parts of the building with interesting, minimalist architecture.

The distinction goes to:


for the realisation of the Municipal Cultural Center in Myszków

The award was given for a worth following example of thermomodernization, which not only fulfilled its basic technical function, but most of all breathed new life into the previously neglected building and is an example of metamorphosis in which lighting in many different scenes has a significant impact on the final effect.


Distinction - and the prize of 1000 € receives:


for the conceptual design of a residential building

The award was granted for the unconventional location of the building, which exposes the applied lighting in an interesting way.

INTERIOR - Realisation

I place - and the prize of 1600 € goes to:

Pracownia Architektoniczna BILAR

for the realisation of the showroom of Centrum Komina and Centrum Kamienia in Zielona Góra

The award was given for the perfect complement with a wide range of LUG products, a beautiful modern interior, rich in textures of stones and quartz sinters.

INTERIOR - Concept

I Place - and the prize of 1000 € and the CAD Decor program with the Professional Rendering Module worth 1900 € net goes to:


for the HOUSE WITH ENTRESOL project

The award was granted for understanding the concept of the potential of the NOISE family of products and creative application in the proposed space, as well as the use of artificial light to emphasize the minimalist interior and the unconventional use of lighting to break the obvious division of rooms. Despite the use of raw materials and very economical decoration, the designed interior is warm and cozy.

II Place - and the prize of 600 € and a time limited licence (for chosen software of CAD Projekt K&A) with a net value of 55 € is given to:


for the LUG - FLAT project

The award was given for beautiful and economical use of colors, textures and lighting, in which the trio dominates: white, black and light wood, as well as an interesting zoning solution by means of different levels and sculpted, yet light-transmitting panel structures.

III Place - and the prize of 400 € and a time limited licence (for chosen software of CAD Projekt K&A) with a net value of 55 € goes to:


for the project of Business and Creativity Center for Young Entrepreneurs

The award was given for the extremely interesting development of a creative work space that meets the needs of the modern world of startups. The soft lines of the designed interior blend perfectly with the shapes of the luminaires used, and the physical lack of boundaries between the zones has been replaced with various lighting.

Due to the very high level of submitted entries in this category, the Competition Jury has decided to award distinctions for the following designers:

ARTchitektura Michalewicz - for the Bistro project and the Dom na Wybrzeże project,
Paweł Klamanna - for the interior design of the newly built semi-detached house,
Katarzyna Jacek, Monika Kubica - for the design of a loft-style apartment.


The designed loft living room in the attic is located in a modern apartment building in Krakow. Open space combines several zones, ie living, kitchen, dining room, dressing room, therefore lighting should be precisely and practically designed and adapted to the needs of residents. Starting from the entrance, TETRIS B ceiling spotlight with a blue accent leads us to the wardrobe and further towards the kitchen area, where usually the resident then goes. The main accent in the day zone is a decorative element of the interior ECLIPSE lamp, its round shapes and materials used perfectly match the minimalist interior. The lamp is quite large, but it is interesting to complement the space especially in high rooms. The kitchen part is visually separated from the living room by a multifunctional island, the bar zone is illuminated by CONCRA concrete lamps, which refer to the floor and give the loft character of the interior. The dining table is illuminated by a two-color designer lamp HB 443 referring in color to the ceiling spot lighting, which has an original form and blends in perfectly with this space. Rounded lamps and blue accessories warm up the cold interior and make a more friendly impression, while the designer shapes matched with their shape and color create a harmonious whole. Residents will certainly feel comfortable, because each zone is adequately illuminated.

Michał Wielecki

The service and conference room of Bosh Service. The use of gray, anthracite and counterpoint colors in red, reflects the colors of Bosch. The lighting has a working and decorative function. The red elements in MANASLU and ARCHEO luminaires add flavor. Concrete motifs emphasize the rawness of the technical interior.


Implementation of the project of reconstruction of the main entrance to the building, the hall interior and the main staircase with side corridors. The luminaires used for the implementation are exterior and interior systems, mainly LUG and FLASH&DQ - COMA A.

Good Concept Studio

In the concept have been used CONCRA luminaires, whose design correspond with surrounding interior. The materials used in the interior are brick, concrete and white ceramic tiles. Similar approach is represented in the luminaires - raw, elegant architectural concrete and steel. For the above statement, the modern CONCRA luminaire is a complement to the interior. The application provided by the manufacturer are offices, conference rooms, reception desks, shopping centers, car showrooms, boutiques, however, the form of the luminaire also suits the residential function of both existing and newly designed. CONCRA luminaires decorate and enrich the character of the place in which they are used.

Paweł Klamann

The subject of the study was a project of interior design and stage design of the permanent exhibition of the Theater Museum at pl. Wolności 7a in Wrocław. Due to the nature of the building, all luminaires have high technical parameters and a non-invasive design. Flash&DQ luminaires were used in rooms on the ground floor: in the foyer and communication and on the first floor: in the museum library and office of Prof. Janusz Deglera. Due to the antique and industrial character of the interiors, it was recognized that the best complement to the exhibition will be the use of High Bay HB 443 luminaires from Flash&DQ collection. The luminaires were suspended along the ventilation ducts running through the interior. Due to the dominant colors: black and white in the designed interior it was decided on the color of the black housing and the white detail. In the office of prof. Janusz Degler has a showcase and on the wall there are reproductions of well-known paintings. Due to the office character of the interior it was illuminated by Flash&DQ TLON luminaires in black colour and the diameter of 60 cm.

Amawa Architects

The theme of the presented project is one of the 90 apartments included in the new development investment planned for the first quarter of next year under the name "Golden horseshoe" in the city of Głogów. By design, the project was to be prepared on the basis of the latest technologies available on the market, and the presentation itself was made in the most illustrative way of future apartments. It is because of innovative and modern solutions that the Flash&DQ - MOSAIC, TUBULAR and ECLIPSE luminaires have been used as lighting, which, thanks to their form and advanced technology, perfectly fit into the ideas of the project.

MS Studio Design