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Contest 2019

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We are presenting the winning entries of the competition below:


I Place - and the prize of 4000 € goes to:

mgr. inż. arch. Anna Małek, mgr. inż. arch. Tomasz Błażyca, mgr. inż. arch. Bartosz Garczarczyk, dr. inż. arch. Paweł Maryńczuk

for the realisation: "CENTRUM PRZESIADKOWE W ŻORACH"

The award was granted for moderation and full sense of the use of light in a simple and at the same time impressive building block. Light - in this application placed in the floor - perfectly brings out the "levitating" roof from the darkness. Lighting seems to float this element in the air, which makes light a full-fledged player in building the body of a building, and at the same time does not divert attention from what is most important - architecture.

II Place – and the prize of 2600 € goes to:

Lund + Slaatto Architects design office

for the realisation: Skoyen Atrium, Oslo, Norway

The award was granted for spectacular and comprehensive lighting of office spaces for various applications. It breaks out of the dictate of standard solutions adopted in this segment. The title atrium is a place where communication routes connect, which create the unique character of the interior. They create a dynamic composition of lines highlighted with lighting fittings, which in turn harmonize with the finishing materials used.

The jury decided not to award the III place
in the Realization category in this edition of the competition:

Distinction - and the prize of 500 € goes to:

Pavlides Associates S.A.

for the realisation: COTY Athens Headquarters, Greece

The distinction was awarded for proper, compliant lighting of modern office spaces, while maintaining the individual character of the building. The award was granted for the correct use of office lighting fixtures in a modern open space interior, while maintaining the individual character of the space.

Category: CONCEPT

I Place - and the prize of 1700 € goes to:

Artur Gała

for the concept project of a Exhibition Pavilion

The award was granted for an original and innovative approach to lighting, which transforms the pavilion's structural elements into light cups supporting the roof. Thanks to this, the whole is light and surprising. The use of a coating of material covering the structure of goblets and matted glass as the outer walls of the pavilion made the light soft and gives a magical effect.

II Place – and the prize of 1200 € goes to:

Marta Rószczka

for the concept project of the MIMO SHOP clothing store

The award was granted for elegant and balanced, and at the same time practical use of fixtures from the retail segment. The light form of the small interior is ideally inscribed in the right number of fixtures that do not compete with the boutique product, but above all bring out its qualities. Despite the commercial use, the interior is warm and friendly.

III Place – and the prize of 600 € goes to:

Krzysztof Rogowski

for the concept project of a City Square

The prize was awarded for unconventional use of lighting that builds the original character of the space. The sculptural Avenida luminaire combined with the small architecture creates a meeting place in the square's space. Other luminaires emphasize the value of vegetation in the walking alley.

LUG Best Project Contest

LUG Best Project Contest
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Contest Jury

Agata Szulc-Szynaka
Agata Szulc-Szynaka Fine Artist, Head of the Graphic Section LUG
Józef Franczok
Józef Franczok architect, owner of PORT Architekci
Marta Wieczorek
Marta Wieczorek ArchiCAD Content Developer Bimobject
Paweł Kmiecik
Paweł Kmiecik Head Architect LUG
Ewa Czerny
Ewa Czerny architect, owner of Czerny Design
Maciej Olczyk
Maciej Olczyk Project Manager Bimobject
Ewa Kaszuba-Nawrocka
Ewa Kaszuba-Nawrocka architect, Product Marketing Manager LUG
Zbigniew Maćków
Zbigniew Maćków Owner of MAĆKÓW Sp. z o.o.
Adam Kisiołek
Adam Kisiołek Project Manager, Builder