Let's build a
SMART city

Smart lighting is the easiest path towards
a SMART city. Let us support you on the journey

We present
LUG Urban.

The original LUG Smart City system,
designed and developed to monitor
and manage infrastructural lighting and attached sensors.

starts with

Efficient lighting management,
regardless of the technology
of your infrastructure

  • Energy costs reduction up to 60%.

    Switching from legacy lighting to modern LUG LED luminaires gives your city up to 60% savings on energy bills.

  • Additional savings up to 20%

    With a LUG Urban Smart lighting management system you will be able to furthermore optimize the costs of infrastructure

  • Additional benefits

    Thank to LUG Urban, you will limit your carbon footprint, reduce maintenance costs and enhance safety in your city

100 zł msc. oszczędności dzięki smart lighting
  • Significant decrease
    in energy consumption
    from the first day

    Take advantage of the immediate benefits of the LUG Urban solution, regardless of the type of infrastructure in your city!

  • Safety enhancement
    and standard of
    living increase

    Make your city a more positive place to live! Thanks to the intelligent solutions of LUG Urban, residents will really feel positive changes in the city.

  • Carbon footprint limitation
    and light pollution decrease

    Increase energy efficiency and build social responsibility of the city thanks to efficient and modern LUG Urban solutions.

  • LUG Urban system is based
    on efficient MESH technology,
    guaranteeing efficient
    and secure communication!

    Improve municipal effectiveness with increased work efficiency, faster troubleshooting, decision-making process support and better control of work

Let's build a

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Mesh technology

How does the SMART lighting work?

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Conventional lighting
in the new version

Benefit from the intelligent control options of conventional urban lighting

Intelligent LUG controllers designed for installation in distribution cabinets are an ideal solution if you have legacy or mixed infrastructure. It is also an excellent complement to the mesh network, thanks to which you will gain additional opportunities to optimize the functioning of the lighting infrastructure in the city.

Let's build
a SMART City!

Watch the video and learn how the LUG Urban platform works

Adjust investment method to your needs and preferences

We have prepared two flexible investment financing models for you:

Traditional financing

Ownership model

The ownership model is traditional financing consisting of purchase of fittings and intelligent controllers. You will receive access to the Urban platform on a license basis, along with a warranty package and future-proof security, thanks to which you will be able to develop the system in the future.

Complete solution

The innovative model of Lighting as a Service relies on the use of luminaires and intelligent SMART infrastructure without having to incur high investment expenditures at the beginning. You derive the benefits of modernizing lighting, you pay one bill, and all the tasks of maintaining and servicing infrastructure are left to us. It's simple!

Contact us. Together, we will develop the best plan for developing smart infrastructure for your city

Ownership model
LAAS model

Capital resources

SMART resources


Individual preferences

A placemaking project

Download a case study and learn how LUG smart luminaires help transforming a city

See the case study

Upcoming events

Check where we can meet and talk about smart technology for your city

Let's talk about intelligent technology for your city during theENERGATAB in Bielsko-Biała

Visit our experts at stand 3000 and learn how to:

  • provide up to 60% savings on energy bills to the city
  • reduce the costs of maintaining urban infrastructure
  • reduce CO2 emissions, improve safety and build social responsibility of the city
  • build a SMART city using modern and efficient LUG Urban solutions

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